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H A L L O W E E N !!!!!!!!!!

Halloween at Ecole Voltaire !

This year, students of CE2, CM1 and CM2 participated in a funky-scary Halloween party full of activities and entertainment !

They participated in a scavenger hunt and even made their own spooky monster bags (that were later filled with just a *few* pieces of candy - don’t worry, parents !). Students also used their never-ending imaginations to feel and guess what’s inside of nine mystery bags : are these monster fingers ? Or the fur of a wolf ? Is this the nose of a witch or Dracula’s...fangs ? The answers were only revealed after they all had a chance to poke and prod, making the best use of their tactile senses.

All these activities culminated with a performance of the Halloween Night Song, sung by all at the first break in front of everybody !

Have a peek at some of the pictures to get a sense of the day....if you dare ! Trick or treat, smell my feet !